Cristal Carrington - See You Dance
January 02, 2021


Cristal Carrington

Showing she has the tools to take it to the next level, Baltimore by way of Long Island’s Cristal Carrington drops the beat in her new dance/pop delight “See You Dance”. What a way to make an entrance – Carrington’s debut single is tight with chameleon-like changing grooves and rhythms. Airy and wistful, the music bed bounces Carrington’s charismatic voice as close to the sun as she can take it.

A relentless chorus I want to see you dance, I want to see you party is inescapable. I had to listen a few times, but I also could have sworn she said I want to see you dance, I want to see your body. I think both work very well, actually. Her voice is sweet and endearing. This song feels like Carrington’s an artist that wants to come out of the gate in a positive way, and really test the waters. The music bed is like a ripping, curving and flexing all-at-once. The listener gets a real sense of movement, the ribboning beats overcome the listener, and at times, overtake Carrington’s vocals. I do wish there were more to her vocals – words that is. The lyrics are pretty straight forward, and just before the song ends, she whispers, in a breathy voice, I’m feeling so lovely all night long, I really want to go home with you, as if she were whispering in the ear of her prey. It’s a goodnight kiss moment to the song and it felt like it could have went a bit longer. Still, the lyrics and Carrington’s voice are pretty fun and intoxicating.

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